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a software for the pick4 lotto games. It is a powerful tool with nearly fifty filters
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27 May 2010

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Catalysts typically play a very important factor in every sphere of life as it visibly reduces the efforts of two elements and speed up the reaction between the two and in life these two elements and their reactions can be defined and redefined in various different contexts. In the virtual world, the job of the catalyst is done by various applications which reduce human effort and establishes a strong link between various different mediums. For example, for the pick4 lotto games PowerPick4 1.12 software works as a catalyst. This huge, extensive and powerful software has almost fifty filters. However, this huge number does not make it a complicated tool.

For the players of pick4 lotto games operating through this software is not at all complicated. Any player can use this tool as a means to save time and do lot more than what the player ever expected. For example, the player can filter exhaustively the previous number of wins for all the pick4 games. Besides filtering it helps to analyze different pick4 games related data such as base analysis in grid format and it has 20 above parameters, then there is the advanced analysis that works on numbers characters, trendline analysis that presents the character of the number’s by lines, statistical analysis and also frequency analysis showing frequency of numbers. The user interface is easy and simple and saves lot of time of the player. The filtering function is also very fast and capable in doing multiple analysis at a time. Supportive of all the pick4 daily games the PowerPick4 1.12 can also add new games on its own.

Reduce effort, save money and also analyze data in various modes, methods and types helps all the players of pick4 lotto games more than a number of ways. The application receives a score of three and half rating points and is likely to find a good following.

Publisher's description

PowerPick4 is a software for the pick4 lotto games. It is a powerful tool with nearly fifty filters. The operation is very easy for all the pick4 player (no matter beginner or profession player). It is the just tool to save your time and do the thing you have never thought before.
1. Exhaustive previous winning number for all USA pick4 game.
2. Perfect function in analysis
1) Base analysis: Shows more than 20 parameters in grid. Such as sum, average, odd type, big type, prime type, same digit, serial digit, remainder.
2) Advanced analysis: Shows the number's character and its historic state.
3) Statistical Analysis:
4) Trendline Analysis: Show the trend of number character by lines.
5) Frequency Analysis: Shows the frequency of number character.
3. Powerful function in filter
There are nearly fifty common filters in the software for number selecting. It supports wrong permitting for each filter. The max permit wrong is also provided. It can kill the previous numbers.
Software Features:
Spend Less Time: With its user-friendly interface, PowerPick4 is simple and extremely easy to use for even a beginner. It has a quick filtering speed. Using it can saving your time in number selecting.
Spend Less Money: With PowerPick4, you can reduce the count of numbers greatly. This can save a lot of money.
Powerful Properties: PowerPick4 supports nearly all daily pick4 games. New game can also be added by own. About one hundred filters and more than one hundred analysis are provided in it. By it, you can do a lot of filters that are impossible for hands calculation.
Version 1.12
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